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Chinese Cuisine
Rice Noodles with Sea Food


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1/2 cup oil

1 tsp garlic,finely chopped

2 eggs,lightly beaten

1 pound fresh rice-flour noodles(kway teow)

2 tbsp light soy sauce

4 tbsp black soy sauce

1 cup chicken stock

3 oz red snapper fillet,sliced

10 medium-sized shrimp,shelled

5 oz squid,cleaned,skinned and sliced

2 pieces chinese mustard greens

cut in 1 1/4" lengths

3/4 cup bean sprouts

1/2 tsp ground white pepper

salt to taste

1 tsp sesame oil


Heat oil in a wok and fry garlic for a few seconds.

Add egg and cook until it starts to set.Add the

noodles and stir well.Add soy sauces and stock.

Bring to boil,then add fish,shrimp and squid.Cook

over very high heat until the seafood is cooked,

then add mustard greens,bean sprouts,white pepper

salt and sesame oil.Stir fry over very high heat for

another minute,then serve.

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