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Spicy Cumin Rasam
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I am RathiSelva from Denver,Colorado.This is one of our favorite recipe.Try this recipe and pass your comments to,
Very easy recipe,can be prepared within 5 min.


1.Oil             - 2 tsp.
2.Mustard seeds   - Little.
3.Curry leaves    - One strap.
4.Asafoetida Powder - A pinch.
5.Tomatoes        - 1 no,chopped.
6.Black Pepper    - 2 tsp.
7.Cumin Seeds     - 3 tsp.
8.Red chilly      - large chily,3 nos.
9.Turmeric Powder - 1/2 tsp.
10.Garlic Flakes  - 4 or 5 flakes.
11.Tamarind       - Ball sized or
                     tamarind paste(2 tsp)
12.Coriander Leaves - As required,Chopped
13.Salt           -As required.

Cooking Method:

1.First take a ball sized Tamarind and soak that in a
glass of water OR can use Tamarind Paste(2 tsp).
2.Grind these ingredients in a Mixie --Black
Pepper,Cumin seeds(should add more),Red Chilly,Garlic
Flakes,Turmeric Powder(Don't grind these ingredients
to a smooth powder).
3.Heat the pan,pour oil,once it is heated add mustard
seeds,Curry leaves,Asafoetida powder.
4.Add the chopped Tomatoes and fry well till the
tomatoes turns to juices.
5.Then add the grinded Ingredients(step 2)from the
mixer and fry well for 2 min.
6.Now add the Tamarind water or Tamarind Paste
dissolved in water to the above,add enough water,add
salt too to this.
7.Finally spread the coriander leaves on top of the
8.Wait till the Rasam starts to boil,Once you see the
small bubble raising on top it,immediately switch off
the gas.

  Now your "Spicy Cumin Rasam" is ready to serve.
  Taking Spicy Cumin Rasam is good for a digestive.

  Note: you can also add the pressure cooked toor dal
to this rasam finally,which gives you "Spicy Cumin
Paruppu Rasam"

Happy Cooking!!!!!!!!!!!

Cooking Time: 5 min.

                                                                Vandana Dubey's Recipe Site.