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Indian Cuisine
Puran Poli
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Chutney and Raita


500 gms Chana dal(gram dal)

500 gms Gud (jaggery)

500 gms Maida (refined flour)

100 ml. oil,warm

1 teaspoon cardamom powder

Pure Ghee

1 tsp salt


Boil chana dal till it is very soft.

Strain and add jaggery and grind to a fine paste.Add cardamom powder.

If it is sticky put it on a low fire and dry up completely. This is called puran.

Mix salt and warm oil in maida,and knead with water to form dough.

It should be neither very hard or too soft.

Make equal balls of puran and kneaded maida.

Roll maida ball into a small puri. Fill it with puran ball.

Make it into a ball and roll to a poli.

Put on the pan and fry it by turning and applying ghee on both sides.

Eat with pure ghee and mango chutney.


                                                         Vandana Dubey's Recipe Site.