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Ingredients :

1 kg Mutton

1 Big onion,diced

1 Tomato,chopped

2 tbs Oil for frying

Grind To Paste:

1 Bunch coriander leaves

5-6 Green chillies

1/4 Bunch mint leaves

5-6 Pods of garlic

One long stick of ginger

5 gm Peppercorns

5 gm Cloves

5 gm Cinnamon

5 gm Cummin seeds

1 tps Red chilly pwd

Salt to taste

Method :

Clean, cut and wash the mutton and pressure cook it for 10-12 mins.

Fry onion in oil then add chopped tomato and fry the ground masala for 5-8 mins.

To this add the mutton and cook for 10-14 mins on slow fire.

Serve with hot rice or rotis.

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