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1 kg Fish (any river fish),cut into pieces

1/3 cup Malt Vinegar

4 tbsp fresh ginger-garlic paste

2 Tbs Ajwain

1 1/2 tsp Red Chilli powder

Salt to taste

3/4 cup Gramflour

Oil for deep frying

Few drops of orange colour

1 Onion,cut rounds

2 Lemons,cut into wedges

Chaat masala


Wash the fish,and pat dry.

First Marination:

Marinade the fish in salt and vinegar and leave for 30 minutes.

Remove place between two napkins and press gently to remove the excess moisture.

(The moisture can ruin the second marinade by making it too sour.)

Second Marination:

Mix the ginger-garlic paste, ajwain, red chillies, and salt with gramflour,orange colour mixed

with water to make a paste of coating consistency.

Apply the paste on both sides and arrange them on a tray at least an inch apart.

Keep aside for 20 minutes.

Heat ghee in a kadhai and deep fry the fish over medium heat until crisp.

Sprinkle chaat masala and serve with onion and lemon wedges and serve.

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